The Journey of a clown to Life, Day 5

20 Apr

The Circus business, and my job as a clown

The Job of a Clown is not limited to just entertain people, it has multiple different aspects that I have to fulfill to be able to survive in the circus that is also something that requires full time work which has its foundation on the principles of deception, dishonesty, delusion, lies, and the most important of the entire construct, THE JOKE, my work has been extensive for an entire life because I depend of the work of other clowns to be able to remain in my placement or my life status within the Circus, not everyone in the circus earns the same amount of money, because everything depends of the attention that you are able to attain from the public that are normally other clowns, everyone knows that everything is a fucking lie, that which is normally experienced by the majority of the clowns is a particular agreement, that is like the agreement that everyone knows even if this is not spoken, everyone knows how to participate in the circus, we have to work hard on our jokes everyday, the presentation of ourselves, and everyone depends of everyone to be able to survive, but there is also an experience of competition that is usually experience within our minds as having to be the best clown to be able to attain more things on the circle that can be a better suit, more equipment to work and to do better acts, better food to be strong and healthy so that you are able to do the most dangerous acts, and even sex is also part of the things that you are able to attain in this circus, but only if you are one of the best clowns,  have seen those little carts that are like a clown volkswagen, which carries about 50 clowns even when it seems that there is only space for one? If you have one of those…OH BOY!!! you are like the greatest clown around…seriously speaking.

Each and every single clown depends of one another, because taking for example this car, you need a clown that knows how to make it, why a clown? because only a clown knows what a clown requires, there is also a clown that make our clothes, another that knows how to cook the necessary food to make you fat enough or thin enough, everything to support you into the act, sometimes the best joke depends of the best presentation, which is always like one the basic “politics on every Job that you want to do within the Circus” seriously, and we have also Politicians that are Clowns!, and we have other Clown that have to give courage through hope and faith to other clowns through Religion which is also known as the Pope Clown which profess the Religion of the Joke, but since we came to known that he rapes children we call him the POOP Clown. Seriously, if you are laughing I am sorry, I didn´t pretend to be funny, is an ingrained habit, I have to work on that…

And my job used to be on the Entertainment Industry, even the Clowns need to be Entertained, didn´t you know? Basically I used to draw and paint pictures for other clowns, and I even had my own philosophy when I used to draw to motivate and give other clowns beautiful Illusions and Lies of Ascension (because even the Clowns have come to develop their own Spirituality so that they are able to connect themselves with the Master of Puppets which is the equivalent of the creator of all the Circus itself, “any resemblance with the reality is purely coincidence”) my philosophy being that: all the Clowns have a little spark of happiness within themselves which maybe just requires of a good Picture to support them to have the perfect smile on their faces to make of their acts the bests on the circus, it was very sad when I realized what I was doing, the moment in which I came to a very interesting place which is called DESTENI; I could not find a single clown there, just normal people, REAL people, to who I tried to impress with my skills and jokes, without success, I was told that most of them were also clowns who were tired of the circus, and I asked them, why?, and what they showed me…was far beyond of the red curtain, it wasn´t something beautiful, it was the reality behind the circus, it was something far beyond the limited imagination of a clown, it was…another way, another road out of the circus, but first I had to see for myself a lot of things, how I was in fact creating energy to sustain the Circus and everyone within it, the children that were left starving, so that we were able to attend the Circus, because everyone was very preoccupied and busy, making and designing cool tricks and competing against each other, but no one was looking at the consequences of all the balloons we use, the jokes we spend, the colored papers that we threw, the animals that we used for our shows, the way That We Have Been Actually Abusing Each Other, to have the better Joke, the better card presentation so that we are able to go to party.

Since that moment, everything changed for me, I didn´t want to be a clown anymore, I have committed myself to create a world that is best for all, a world without a circus, a world that is real, that is not based on jokes, lies and deception, that is what I want, and I know that the journey has just begun.

till the next moment.


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